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We treat each client individually. We are not afraid of challenges.


We carry out design studies at all stages: consulting, concepts, mechanical and working designs, and also workshop documentation. We offer to undertake any engineering task, regardless of its complexity. We finalize individual projects too , replacement and as-built documentation.


We specialize in the field of designing all structures.

Designing any structures
Strength analysis
Dynamic calculations
Post-buckling calculations
Calculations of nonlinear plastics
Construction statistics

We provide calculations of entire orders as well as individual elements, including contact issues.

In particular:

- engineering structures

- sheet metal structures

- solid structures

- shell structures

- structures made of non-ferrous and precious metals

In addition, our company offers complete 3D and 2D documentation, technical and operational documentation (DTR). Assembly and disassembly instructions. We guarantee creating technical and technological diagrams, moreover visualizations and offer drawings.

We use modern housing solutions in the field of plastics. We use systems composed of purchasing and executive elements. Linear element transfer systems and rotation element transfer systems.

In addition, we provide solutions in repair issues, consultancy and assistance in the creation of equipment concepts, as well as their technology, and the application of standards under CE. We provide technical support in the production area, and in building prototypes. We implement projects, introductions to small series and other supporting activities. We are in a constant contact with our clients. We provide access to our recipients.

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