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About Us


Our company was founded in 2021 by a group of highly skilled professionals. It employs people who have had many years of experience in various industries. We create production lines, steel structures as well as devices and instruments that are used during production processes. Our clients are domestic and foreign recipients. The activities of our company are based primarily on the use and application of the best components available on the market, innovative solutions and the latest accessible technologies. We create with passion, for people with passion.


The ATS company is directly associated to the steel construction sector. It is built on a group of highly specialized and experienced professionals. The main maxim of our company is to meet the requirements of the modern production market. Constant development, the highest quality products and discovering new ways based on authorized methods are our principles.

The body of our team are specialized welders, that use the most modern and the latest welding methods. The production process is controlled by a professional design office, which is composed of experienced, specialized designers and technologists. Our team will provide you with the highest level and quality of services.


The design methods and production processes of our company are constantly developed. They are based on our multiannual experience on the market and on the needs of our customers. These experiences, both on the domestic and foreign markets, have had a significant impact on the development of our products. Our production is based exclusively on the highest quality steel, aluminum and stainless steel components. Professional workmanship, reliability and timeliness of projects are the advantages of our team.


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